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Erkan Software | ChatSoft Live Support Service Module Use and Pricing.

What does ChatSoft Live Support Module, the new service of Erkan Software, do?

When your customers visit your page / site, they will send the welcome message you set to the user or customer who visited after the specified seconds. This allows you to instant messaging request.
Your users / customers will be able to reach you when they want to consult you personally about the service you provide. This is very important for your site and your credibility.
If necessary, you can share documents and documents and you can show your customers smiling with emoji.
You can have a department selection before you start the conversation.
You can create unlimited departments and staff, assign an operator to each department.
You can transfer your ongoing chat with your User / Customer to another operator.
Sent messages notify the receiving unit with a notification sound. So you won't miss the messages.
You can customize your message box and easily make it compatible with your site. (color, size, location of message box etc ..)
You can see a lot of information such as your user's / customer's IP address, the location he / she is logged in and which page of your site is on the spot.
and more features that we can not count ..
ChatSoft can be used both mobile and web based. It is impossible to miss the messages of your users or customers.
Within the scope of our New Year special campaign, only 1 month free installation can be done for our customers. If you wish to continue after 1 MONTH, you will be charged at the monthly package price. If you do not wish to continue using it at the end of the campaign, it will be automatically deleted from your site and you will not be charged.

In order to start ChatSoft Service, you can ask us to start your 1 month free service by writing the address of your site from our contact page.

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