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What is Hosting and Domain? What to Pay Attention When Buying?

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Prepared websites need a space. The space allocated for your websites is called hosting. Designed web sites on the internet to turn into a page is made by more powerful machines. Apart from hosting a website also needs domaine. Domain domain name. The IP address used to access the websites is called domain. There are a few points to consider when buying hosting and domain services. These; speed, mb and supported programs.


Hosting and Domain Service Considerations


 The speed of your website load is related to the speed of the internet speed of the user who is trying to access your site and the speed of your hosting service. The slow loading of websites causes users to exit the site. For this reason, the speed that the service provider offers to you while hosting is a very important detail.

The space reserved for your website (MB)

 It would be useful to get your hosting service by choosing an area that is appropriate to the size of your website, the design and the intensity of your mail traffic. If there is less space for a site with high content, some problems related to the site will arise. For this reason, choosing the right size area for your website is very important.

Hosting supported programs

 Recently, websites have been used in many ways, such as promotional activities, as well as classic use and job / worker finding and shopping. The various forms for the functionality of these uses are generated using programming languages ​​such as asp, php, and To get better performance, stable and reliable results, it is very important to choose the best hosting system to work with the programming language used .

Easy Readable Extension

One of the most important points to consider when receiving a domain service is that the domain is easy to read and contains information about your company.

Hosting and Domain Support from Erkan Yazılım Smart Solutions!

As LimonHost, we provide web site, hosting, domain and server services to our customers' needs. We have diversified packages for different needs. The most demanded package is the so-called 'Corporate Package'. This package includes 5 web sites, unlimited storage 5MySQL database, unlimited e-mail account, unlimited traffic, free SSL certificate, free .com and .net domain services. The fee to be paid to this package is only $ 50.70. If this package contains more than your needs, you can use the basic package or starter packages.

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