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What is Digital Service Tax?

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The Digital Service Tax has been accepted and will be declared every month as of March 1. Who covers, who will pay this tax? At least if you make money on the internet, will you pay? Let's take a brief look. Because it doesn't matter if you are taxpayer to pay the tax so far. Let's take a look at the qualifications of the taxpayers;

Digital Service Tax

The Law Amending the Digital Service Tax and Certain Laws and Decree-Law No. 375  will be effective from 1 March. 7.5% tax will be paid by making a notification every month. Accounts will be made over VAT.

  1. Ads on search engines
  2. Tape ads
  3. All digital ads
  4. popups
  5. Ads on the websites of newspapers and magazines (It may not come from a big company like Google Adsense, the magazine may have received ads. The magazine will pay the tax on the income it receives from this advertisement.
  6. Advertising revenues of any program of movies and series published on the Internet
  7. Advertising surveys
  8. Paid series and movies
  9. Game sales
  10. In-game purchases
  11. In-game ads
  12. Product comparisons and search engines (such as akakce, miser, compared) especially addressed. See: “Services that compare the products the user is looking for by their properties, price, brand or model”
  13. Banking again, transactions in banking services are exempted
  14. Games of chance, sweepstakes and coupons will NOT be included in this tax.

You have to get information from a consultant about the amount of items and whether you are covered by this tax. In this case, companies that will be taxed extra, companies that generate income from internet advertisements such as Google, enterprises such as Youtube, sites like Youtube (sites like dailymotion.) Big companies such as Yandex and Bing. Game distributors like EA, Rockstar Games, Steam, Riot Games. These examples are endless.

Other examples, possibly sites such as WM Tool, R10, hardware news, etc. may be covered. Of course, it is a bit of a thought for the site to be registered for tax in English. Because there is no button to change the language. In this respect, it is thought whether the tax came to foreigners. Because when we look at the above items, we showed examples that showed advertising on the site, selling and making money. There are also Turkish sites.

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