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What features will come to Android in December? Here is the answer

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Google is probably the company whose products you use the most in your daily life. Especially if you are an Android user, 
it is impossible to escape from Google during the day. The company's improvement in user experience in recent years has made
everything from our smart watches to our cars smart. The company is preparing to improve the experience of its users with new
features this holiday season. We have summarized the features announced for the future for you. Android Auto brings quick replies to messages If your car has an in-car navigation system, it is generally not a problem to search. However, when you want to text, you
usually have to suffer with voice typing because you do not have a chance to write with your hand. If you don't want to make
an effort to write answers like 'OK' or 'I'm on my way', the new feature of Android Auto will come to your rescue. With the quick reply feature, you will be able to send the messages you have saved before with one click. Even if you don't save
a few messages, Google will show you the messages you use constantly on your car's screen. It is possible to send bulk notifications with Family Bell It can be annoying at times to notify everyone in the house when the food is ready. Google has created a nice solution for
scenarios like this. With the Family Bell application, you can create a timer and send the desired notification to all family members when the time comes.
What you need to do for this is to create a notification such as 'Food is ready' in advance and set what time it will be sent. We have heard similar features from different automakers before. It is hopeful that this support is finally coming from Android.
However, it will cost you a little to try this practical solution. Apps you don't use won't be able to access your privacy Would you like the game you downloaded to your phone months ago to have access to your gallery? Probably not.
With the new feature of Android, the applications that you do not use will lose their access rights to your privacy after a while.
If you open the app again, you will be asked to give permissions again.