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What are the Dangers from the Digital World? How to Avoid?

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One of the greatest conveniences offered to the service of human beings in the time we live is the  internet . Another name is the digital world . This digital world has almost no space left. It was not enough to live with you everywhere with the mobile phones used by people.

Internet  information, documents, etc. When we consider the uses such as useful sharing, it is a very useful medium for us human beings. However  , in addition to its beneficial use of the internet  , this digital medium can turn into a material that will poison our lives due to malicious uses . On the other hand , we can say that the  digital world  poses a danger for both adults and children. Rather , considering the loyalty of our children to the  internet , tablet, mobile phone and computer, the dangers that may arise for future generations have been opened to much discussion and discussion. It is possible to say that some steps have been taken for this purpose. But is it enough? No.

As of now, the internet connection is with us everywhere, not only on computers, but also on our smartphones and tablets that we carry in our pockets. In short, the  internet  has become a road and companion that everyone uses frequently. As a natural result of this , the technological devices with the internet have increased considerably in the past time. So much so that  we're surfing the internet even in just a five minute gap  . But  are we aware of the digital dangers that we may face in this time  ? What are we doing if we are aware? Or what can we do? So, what are the dangers for you from the digital world? How to stay away?We researched our subject and presented it to your benefit. Let's take a look at these together.

Malware (Viruses)

Malicious software, namely  viruses, which have spread over the Internet and present danger to technology users  today  . Viruses can be expressed as malicious code or malicious software.   Various programs, links, games etc. are available over the Internet  . They are malicious software that goes directly or indirectly to many computers by locating them on many factors and even finding the area to expand and crashing your system and taking over your private documents  .  Also these  viruses These viruses , which come to the computer via flash memories, databank, hard drives, dvd and cd, interconnected local networks and internet  , have negative features such as copying themselves, deleting data, running programs you do not want, spreading your private information. The most recognized of these  viruses are Win32, Win29, Trojan and Worms.  It is absolutely necessary to have a quality virus program installed on your system to remove such  viruses .

Agent Software

 These software, which we call  as agents or spyware ,  which have different names such as adware, malware spyware , are the codes written to serve your information on your computers. They operate in a very similar way to the virus . In fact, they have  virusesWe can say that it is a different version of. This agent software, data such as passwords used by the computer user, bank account numbers, and the areas on which they surf the internet, serve harmful places. Some types are very dangerous. At the same time, they work in the background of the system and occupy space in the memory of the computer. There are very good programs on the market to prevent such viruses. It is of great benefit to install one of them on your system.

Hackers (Hackers)

Hackers , information, time, money, data thieves, these people can access your system without permission and even access your private information and even steal your private information. They can get the e-mail, facebook, twiter, instagram and other social media  passwords you use, as well as your bank login passwords. Unfortunately, we also hear that fraud is increasing in these banking transactions.

Other dangers we may face

Especially today,  facebook, instagram, twiter  etc. You may encounter malicious people and software through information, documents and especially photographs shared on social media. At the same time these shares in the future  malicious software may confront us from worse results. Especially recently, you may encounter increased sexual abuse events. Unfortunately, such dangers that will cause psychological traumas for children exist in the digital world.

How to Avoid Digital Hazards?

A lot of attention should be paid to the question of how to avoid digital dangers , friendships established in the social media in the first place and especially as a priority. It will be the most appropriate choice for you not to make friends with people you do not know and to refuse their invitations. It will be a useful decision for you to keep your private data, demographic information, photo, economic status that you share in social media secret. Phone number, home address, personal information, etc. in line with requests from people you do not know. it would be correct to reject requests.

On the other hand, it would be appropriate for mothers and fathers who have children to keep their children's  internet use under control. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install and use the application called “parental control” in  their systems in order to protect their children from dangers  . Even with the  “parental control application” , you can set the time periods that your child can spend at the computer, and prevent them from accessing undesirable objectionable websites.

Also, you should definitely install a good quality  virus software on your system . There are many proven virus programs  on the market  . However, the programs you use are licensed products or the programs, documents, files etc. that you download over the internet. you should pay attention to the safety of vehicles. In addition , the fact that the time period spent with the  internet or digital world  is too high may cause physical discomfort to the users. Therefore, the time spent on the internet should be kept under control in order to prevent such ailments. If such practical measures are taken,  we will resist the dangers from the digital world .

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