Ways to reduce mobile data usage!

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Does your internet stop unexpectedly? Even though you do not use mobile data excessively during the day, you cannot bring the end of the month and run for additional packages? In this article, we will give you information about ways to reduce mobile data usage. Let's go without further ado;

Here are ways to reduce mobile data usage

Manually turn off your mobile data
Have you ever noticed that you have exceeded the mobile data limit on your phone or tablet? Perhaps you thought everything was fine, but you weren't aware that you exceeded your data limit until the bill came. Unfortunately, there is no unlimited use of mobile data. When mobile data is exceeded, you will be charged for all extra data.

Use Data Compression Applications
Various applications use compression technology to reduce your data usage. You may already be using some of them without realizing its effect.

Google Chrome
Regardless of what you think of Google, Chrome has a built-in data logging tool. Enable it by tapping Settings> Data Saver> Use Data Saver.

Opera Mini
Data logging is enabled by default in Opera Mini, built around low data usage, via the app's main menu. Unlike Chrome, you can set various data saving features such as adjusting the quality of web page images.