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Turkey 5G Technology exactly what time to meet?

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"Sesli okuma özelliği ile bu yazıyı sesli olarak dinleyebilrisiniz." SESLİ OKU SESLİ OKUMAYI DURDUR

Turkey has made an important meeting regarding the 5G technology. As a result of the work carried out under the leadership of HAVELSAN, a date was given for 5G.

By HAVELSAN held in coordination with the local and national 5G Fly (UUYM5G) 5. Communication Network Project Workshop, Turkey 5G technology has enabled the emergence of very important results related. Especially when what Turkey was determined to be met, albeit less 5G technologies.

When the 5G network equipment supply is considered in terms of national security and public order, the authorities; "For this reason, we witness the beginning of technology wars between countries. When we consider these developments in the world, we see how accurate our state's strategy to switch to 5G technology with domestic and national network products." made the evaluation.

Turkey will meet soon with 5G technology

This type of work carried out by Turkey, leads to serious global consequences. 5G attacks made by each country are leading the way for a significant change. But it is a little difficult to achieve this alone. For this reason, the authorities endeavor to carry out projects jointly with TÜBİTAK .

Regarding the project supported by TÜBİTAK, "The transition to 5G with domestic, national products is critically important in terms of national security, economic development and eliminating the negative developments that may occur in the world conjuncture. We continue our efforts with this awareness." expressions were included.

HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar stated that the project started 2 years ago. He emphasized that the results related to the project can be obtained from 2021 . So Turkey will meet until the end of next year with this technology.

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