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"Sesli okuma özelliği ile bu yazıyı sesli olarak dinleyebilrisiniz." SESLİ OKU SESLİ OKUMAYI DURDUR
Telegram, which is among the most reliable messaging programs and supports the freedom of communication and broadcasting in some countries, has published a new bulletin.
Well known for its security and extras that it introduces, Telegram is one of the dominant names in its market with its more than 400 million users worldwide. Beginning with this position, with the effects of the pandemic, the program managers decided to speed up the presentation of the chat feature, shared some details in today's statements.

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In the statement created in line with the administration of Telegram, Telegram was shown as a service to offer the two together, stating that other video conferencing programs introduced either safety or simplicity. The effects of Zoom's coming to the agenda with safety deficits on the course of the explanation are also indisputable.

According to the information of Telegram, Telegram, which has reached 400 million active numbers with 100 million more users in the last year, has doubled its audience since 2018. According to the firm's statement, 1.5 million people sign up for service every day. Mobile programs of Telegram are the most downloaded social media program in 20 countries. Although these figures may seem large, one of the competitors and leader WhatsApp has 2 billion users according to the information it shared in February.
In addition to its monthly active users, Telegram shared some details regarding the new features it will gain. Users will then be able to create training tests and share them with others on the program. Navigating between more than 20 thousand stickers through a new administration tool and the organization will be simpler from now on. According to the program, Telegram will be the simple and reliable software of the industry regarding the video chat topic.

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