Switching to Apple M1 processor will save $ 2.5 billion annually

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Apple sees that Apple will save at least $ 2.5 billion a year by abandoning Intel's relatively high-priced processors to switch to its own ARM processors.

Özellikle yazılım ve donanım uyumunun istediği şekilde olabilmesi için Apple’ın yaptığı yatırım takdire şayan. Mobil tarafta kendi özelleştirilmiş ARM çekirdeklerini ve grafik birimlerini kullanan firma şimdi de masa üstünde ARM mimarisine geçiş yaptı. Bu strateji kaynak kullanımına da olumlu yansıyor.

In particular, Apple's investment in software and hardware compatibility is admirable. Using its own customized ARM cores and graphics units on the mobile side, the company has now switched to ARM architecture on the desktop. This strategy reflects positively on resource utilization.

Billions of dollars in savings The Apple M1 processor became the company's first customized processor on the desktop, reducing its reliance on Intel. The company, which has made large investments in its chip, plans to equip the entire Mac family with these chips within 2 years. The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, which were introduced last week, were the first parts of this plan.

In addition to making huge gains in vertical integration, Apple is profitable in terms of resource savings. According to an analysis, the transition to the Apple M1 chipset will save the company around $ 2.5 billion a year.

The analysis was done by the AI ​​division of IBM AI. The calculations were based on Intel Core i5 processors and the company looked at a total of 14 million units of sales in a year for certain MacBook products.

Accordingly, Apple M1 chipsets are estimated to cost the company around $ 40- $ 50. Processors purchased from Intel go up to $ 250. Thus, a saving of at least 2.5 billion dollars in a year is anticipated. Of course, the calculations are estimated and the Apple M1 cost can go well above this. However, considering the Mac sales, which exceed 20 million per year, Apple's savings will be much higher.

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