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Social Media Arrangement Accepted: Here are the Curiosities

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"Sesli okuma özelliği ile bu yazıyı sesli olarak dinleyebilrisiniz." SESLİ OKU SESLİ OKUMAYI DURDUR

Social media regulation was accepted by the TGNA Justice Commission. The details of social media editing are in our news.

Social media editing was accepted. What is social media regulation ? Here are those who are curious about social media editing.

What is Social Media Regulation?

Real or legal entities that allow them to create, view, or share content such as text, images, sounds, and location for social interaction on the Internet will be identified as a social network provider .

If the social network provider is located abroad, administrative fines can also be reported by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority directly to the addressee, via e-mail or other communication tools, through the information obtained through the means of communication on the internet pages, domain name, IP address and similar sources.

The administrative fine to be provided to the social network providers who fail to fulfill their obligations will be increased. The administrative fines, which do not declare the supplier or do not fulfill their obligations, will be increased from 10 thousand lira to 100 thousand lira, from 1 million lira to 10 million lira.

The decision to remove or block access to content sent by the Access Providers Association to the relevant content and location providers and the access provider will be fulfilled by the relevant content and location providers and the access provider within 4 hours at the latest.

According to the proposal, which overseas more than 1 million daily access to the Turkey-based social networking provider, will identify at least one person as a representative in Turkey. The contact information of this person will be posted on the website so that it can be easily seen and directly accessible.

Details of Social Media Regulation

The social network provider will report this person's identity and contact information to BTK. If the representative is a natural person, he / she will have to be a Turkish citizen. If the representative is not notified, it will be notified by BTK. If this obligation is not fulfilled within 30 days, the social network provider will be fined an administrative fine of 10 million lira by the President of BTK. If this obligation is not fulfilled within 30 days from the notification of the administrative fine imposed, an additional 30 million TL administrative penalty will be imposed.

new advertising related to the social network provider of natural and legal persons resident in Turkey by the taxpayer within 30 days of the Second President of BTK fine papers fail to fulfill this obligation will be banned.

If this obligation is not fulfilled within 3 months from the date of the ban on advertising, the BTK President will be able to apply to the magistrate judge to reduce the internet traffic bandwidth of the social network provider by 50 percent.

social-media-for-detail duzenlemesi

If the obligation in question is not fulfilled within 30 days of the application of the judge's decision on the acceptance of the application, the President of the ICTA will be able to apply to the magistrate judge for the social network provider's narrowing of the internet traffic bandwidth up to 90 percent.

Decisions made by the judge will be sent to BTK to be notified to access providers. As per the decisions, they will be fulfilled immediately by the access providers within 4 hours of notification.

In case of fulfillment of the obligation to determine and report a representative, a quarter of the administrative fines imposed will be charged, the prohibition of advertising will be lifted and judge decisions will automatically be voided.

Access providers will be notified by BTK to end the interference to Internet traffic bandwidth.

Social Network Provider Will Respond Within 48 Hours

The social network provider will be obliged to respond positively or negatively to the applications to be made by the people who will require the content to be "unpublished and blocked from access" and "to prevent access to the content due to privacy," within 48 hours at the latest. Negative answers will be given as reasoned.

Social networking providers, data users in Turkey will take the necessary measures towards hosting in Turkey. Social network providers will complete the necessary work within 3 months to fulfill their obligations within the context of "unpublishing content and blocking access" and responding to the "blocking access to content due to privacy" within 48 hours. Social network providers will also report their first reports to BTK in January 2021 and post them on the website.

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