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Netflix's New Category “Turkish TV Shows”

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Netflix's New Category to Launch Turkish Movies and TV Shows “Turkish TV Shows”

Netflix is ​​one of the leading movies and series watching services. With its new update, it will make Turkish subscribers very happy. As it is known, series and movies are listed in categories. A new list will be opened by writing “Made in Turkey” among these lists. According to the statements made, only Turkish films and series will be included in this list.

The new categories will not only be available to be opened in Turkey. Thanks to the category that will appeal to the world, Turkish movies and series will be introduced to other countries. The category will be opened, but it is not yet clear whether the films will provide dubbing or subtitling support. different audiences to movies and series market if Turkey will be well earned.

Productions will be Announced to the World with the New Category

Netflix, which is very popular around the world, has been with us for a long time. Netflix, which is almost indispensable in our lives, has made its name known to the world with different productions. After the movies and series on the platform made a sound, the people, especially the elders of the country, wanted to address this potential. Netflix, which has been serving in our country for a long time thanks to new decisions, opens a new category unique to Turkish TV series and films.

Netflix had a very strong place in the market with Hakan Guard and Atiye TV series. As such, the producers who wanted to go beyond the potential made new series and movie attempts to evaluate this situation. It is certain that there will be 4 new Turkish series to be added to Netflix in the coming periods.

Not only Original Productions, Other Productions Include

Only the Turkish productions will be included in the new “Made in Turkey” category, which has been decided to open after the finalized series. These productions can be independent productions or Netflix Original productions.

There will be not only new movies and series in this category. Movies and series that have been shot before and whose broadcasting rights have been taken, will also be published here. In addition to the new Atiye and Hakan Guiz, Behzat Ç. Such productions will also be opened to impression from abroad.

There will be different sub-categories in the category that will consist entirely of Turkish TV series and films. These categories are familiar; It will have progress in the form of Crime, Drama, Comedy, Action, Love, Emotional, Horror, Thriller, Musical.

How to go to the “Made in Turkey” Category?

Netflix TV series

To access the newly added “Made in Turkey” or “Turkish TV Series” category, you need to click on the TV Shows> Genres tab. In the window that opens, you can access the TV series that are entirely Turkish, by choosing "Made in Turkey" or "Turkish TV Shows".

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