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Microsoft's Cute Assistant Clippy Returns as Emoji!

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With a statement on Twitter, Microsoft reminded the emoji named "Clippy", which was engraved in the memory of millions of Windows users. According to the company's statements, the design of the cute assistant of office applications will be replaced by the paper clip emoji in Microsoft 365.

US-based technology giant Microsoft; While there were no advanced assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa, she had an assistant called "Clippy". This assistant, which can be used in Microsoft's office applications, helped users create documents without difficulty. Over the years, the assistant, which appeared as a version of a paper clip icon with eyes, lost its importance and Microsoft removed this assistant from use.

However, a recent development revealed that Microsoft has a new plan for Clippy. According to a post on the company's Twitter account, the cute assistant of office applications will join us as an emoji. This emoji will create so that it can be experienced by Microsoft 365 users.

Here is Microsoft's post on Twitter:

Microsoft uploaded a photo of Clippy's current emoji to its Twitter post. In its statements on the subject, the company, which said that if this share gets 20 thousand likes, it will replace the paper clip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy, now seems to have to keep its word. Because the post has relied on 124 thousand likes.

For now, it is unknown when Microsoft will keep its promise. However, it is very pleasing that millions of Microsoft 365 users will see Clippy again...