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Microsoft Announces New 'Cloud PC' Windows 365!

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Microsoft announced Windows 365, the new cloud computing system that allows easy setup on different devices. Windows 365 will offer users the freedom to use their 'computer' on any device they wish.

Microsoft, which has had a busy day recently, announced the new operating system Windows 11 in the past weeks. After Windows 11, which suddenly appeared when we said rumors and leaks, it has now been announced that Windows 365, which has been talked about for a long time, but there is no clear information about its details.

Windows 365, which was introduced at the Microsoft Inspire event, seems to offer great convenience to its users today, where cloud systems are becoming an increasingly popular technology in every field. In its blog post, Microsoft summarizes the cloud computer Windows 365 as 'Securely transfer your Windows experience in the Microsoft cloud, including apps, content and settings, to any device'.

It is possible to use it on devices with Mac and Linux operating systems or Android tablets:

In its simplest definition, Windows 365 will store the Windows operating system installed on your computer in the cloud and allow you to use it on any device. It is not an exaggeration here on the device you want, because it can be used on devices with Windows 365, Mac and Linux operating systems or Android tablets.

Windows 365, which will be available from August 2, will initially be available to companies, but it is not difficult to predict that cloud computers will be available to everyone in the future. Windows 365, which includes various privacy and security enhancements, is a very secure system according to Microsoft.