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How will the iPhone 13 differ from the iPhone 12?

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Apple comes up with new iPhone models every year. Last year, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max models went on sale. This year, the iPhone 13 models will be introduced. So, how will the iPhone 13 models have advantages compared to their predecessor devices?

As you know, many details about the iPhone 13 models have been leaked so far. Therefore, it can be said that we already have a lot of information about the iPhone 13. Of course, the important point here is how much of this information is correct.

According to the latest leaked reports, as significant improvements on the camera side of the new iPhone models that Apple will introduce in September or October. It is claimed that the iPhone 13 will be unrivaled, especially on the video shooting side.

As it is known, the old iPhone models were generally successful on the video side. In the rankings made by DxOMark, iPhone models generally do not enter the top 3. But when it comes to video shooting, things change.

However, Apple will manage to sell the phone one way or another. Because Apple has a certain customer base. One way or another, this customer base will also buy the newly released iPhone models. Let's see if the iPhone 13 will be able to reach the top in DxOMark in terms of camera. Time will show that.