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Google Chrome Tab Groups Now Available For Everyone!

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The feature, called Google Chrome tab groups, has been made available to all Google Chrome users. Here are the details about the feature!

Google announced a new feature that will come to the popular web browser in May of this year. The feature that Google brought to the web browser has been under development since May and was not available to anyone except users who did not enable the feature in the developer settings. This feature, called Google Chrome tab groups , can now be used by every Google Chrome user with great ease.

What Do Google Chrome Tab Groups Do?

The new feature that Google Chrome has received allows you to use Google's web browser more regularly. Users of the web browser can create a new group with the tab grouping feature and can place existing tabs into any created group. Users who can create as many groups as they want can add as many tabs as they want to a group they have previously created and can move the tabs collectively.

The best thing about using the tab grouping feature is that the tabs that belong to a certain group can be distinguished by a color given by Google Chrome's new feature. For example, when 3 tab groups are created, when the color of one group is red in the section where the tabs are located, the color of another group is green. It is a feature that helps distinguish these groups from each other.

In order to use the feature that can be used on devices with Chrome OS, Windows and Linux operating systems, the user must have upgraded the Google Chrome browser to version 85.0.4183.102. Since Google Chrome automatically updates users' web browser version, which does not prevent updates from being performed in the background, you do not need to take a separate action to upgrade the web browser. It is currently unknown when the feature will come to iOS and Android operating systems.

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