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Good news for Samsung users: New camera app!

HomepageArticlesGood news for Samsung users: New camera app!
Samsung offers some applications to its users to optimize its service. Recently, the Game Launcher application, 
which has been preloaded on Samsung phones for years, brought an update to support other applications other than games. Now, the company will bring many new and advanced camera features with its new application.
The app, which is still in beta, is still available. Here are the phone model the application comes in and the features offered by the
application… The expected update for Samsung Game Launcher has arrived! Game Launcher, which relaxes your system while playing games on Galaxy smart tablets and phones, has received the expected update.

Expert RAW app for Samsung users
The application, which is still in beta, is coming for Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra users. Normally, the phone used only the 
main camera and ultra-wide sensors. With the new camera app, you will be able to use all four cameras on the phone.
So it will support the other two telephoto cameras as well. The Expert RAW application, which will delight photography enthusiasts, is currently available on the South Korea Galaxy Store.
It is not yet known when it will come to the application markets of other countries. However, if you wish, you can download the
application as an APK and experience the beta version. For now, it will only be used with the S21 Ultra with
Android 12 support. It is not known when it will arrive for the S21 or S21 Plus. What does the app offer? The Pro Mode in the application comes with a limitation over the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The mode to be used with 108
Megapixel main camera and 12 Megapixel ultra wide camera cannot be used with 10 Megapixel 10x telephoto or 3x
telephoto. In addition, it allows you to manually control the shooting features such as ISO, shutter speed and sharpening,
and to shoot RAW. More details were shared in the Twitter post that announced the application.
Expert RAW comes with photo shooting options in JPEG and 16-bit Linear DNG RAW formats.
You may need to use photoshop applications such as Lightroom to edit the DNG file.
Normal photo applications such as Google Photos may disrupt the operations you perform on the captured photo and the HD quality. You can download the Expert RAW application as an APK here, and the Lightroom application here. What do you think of Samsung's new camera app Expert RAW? Would you like it to come to other Samsung devices as well?
Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.