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Firefox Publishes an Application called Facebook Container

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Firefox internet browser has released a new version. The most striking feature of the new version released is that Facebook has an application that prevents you from watching you on the Internet. The new application, called Facebook container , was presented to users with Firefox 74 version.

Facebook container is a feature that prevents Facebook from watching you on the internet. The app, which automatically blocks access to your Facebook account, likes and comments from a non-Facebook site, seems to get full marks by many users.

User Approval Required to Install the Plugin

Facebook Container

The app, published by Firefox , will also apply to Instagram and Facebook Messenger apps. In addition to this feature,  Firefox 74 has many more features that users will like. Here are some of the features in Firefox 74 version;

  • Your login management has the ability to reverse alpha ordering in Lockwise , which you can access under logins and passwords .
  • Your bookmarks and history can be imported more easily from the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows and Mac .
  • Thanks to the new Firefox , add-ons installed by external applications can be removed using the add-on manager. Plugins are installed only according to the users' wishes. The application cannot load the plug-in automatically.

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