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Facebook has not abandoned its plan to advertise on WhatsApp

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It is known that social media giant Facebook has had the idea of ​​advertising on WhatsApp for a long time. According to the incoming data, Facebook will implement this decision, albeit late.

Facebook, which has the world's best-known messaging platform, is looking to reflect this state to the ad revenue. The company, which has been expected to advertise on WhatsApp for a long time, has not given up on this plan, but is experiencing indecision regarding how to realize it.
Since the same "state" feature was introduced to the WhatsApp program, Facebook was expected to use it for advertising revenue. Regarding this incident that has not happened for now, a Facebook spokesman confirmed to Engadget that the current ads remain a long-term opportunity for WhatsApp. This means that the company will not be advertising on WhatsApp in the short term.

There are disagreements within the company
There are also details about how to implement intentional ads on WhatsApp, Facebook's encrypted messaging program. The company plans to use phone numbers to match Facebook and WhatsApp accounts to determine which ads will show to the user.

However, this situation has become controversial within the company. Because this kind of development is concerned that WhatsApp users can delete their Facebook accounts. The company has not decided how to run ads for now, and it is possible to say that this situation is in favor of users.

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