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Apple Watch Support to Google Maps iOS App

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Google Maps iOS application has been updated. The new version brings back Apple Watch support.

Google , Apple Watch in August for Google Maps (Google Maps) to renew the application was confirmed . However , it was not shared when Apple Watch support will come to Google's Maps application . The expected update was released today .

Apple Watch Support Has Arrived in Google Maps

After a month, Google launched its renewed application for Apple Watches. Users who update Google Maps to the latest version say Apple Watch support is also active. Indeed, the app's official landing page clearly shows that Apple Watch support is coming.

Google cut off Apple Watch support for Google Maps years ago. Therefore, its return will likely be welcomed by users who prefer Google's mapping and navigation service (s). However, as some might guess, it doesn't have all the features. The Google Maps app for Apple Watch still relies on the iPhone. This means users have to enter the smartphone to see the navigation and directions on the smartwatch. The saved targets can also be seen on the wearable device.

Apple Watch also offers complication support, which supports custom turn-by-turn navigation for Google Maps .

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