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Apple Offers Free Xcode, SwiftUI and UIKit Tutorials for App Developers!

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US-based technology giant Apple offers a free opportunity to those who want to develop applications for iOS. It is possible to learn basic information about Xcode, SwiftUI and UIKit in the free trainings given directly on the Apple website.

The continuous increase in the use of smartphones directly affects the need for application developers in the world of information technologies. Because, without the need to be in a corporate body, everyone can develop software, especially smartphone applications.

One of the most important advantages of this development is that, in most cases, there is no obligation to stick to a certain ecosystem in order to develop applications. So much so that a Windows user developer has the opportunity to develop applications that can run on both iOS and Android using a single software development tool. California-based technology giant Apple has started to offer free entry-level iOS application development training in order to support the developments in the software world. It is possible to acquire basic knowledge to develop an iOS application with the training that can be obtained directly through Apple without applying to any intermediary training institution.

The training contains basic information on many topics:

In the training, which is offered free of charge, many topics about SwiftUI, which constitutes the interface of iOS applications, such as in-app navigation, data transfer between pages, drawing and sound recording are discussed in a period of approximately 12 hours.


Although this tutorial is good for getting started with basic application development on iOS, it is worth noting that there is no Turkish support for the content. You can access the application page and details of the training here.