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10 Bomb iOS 15 Features Most People Don't Even Know!

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Released as of September 20, 2021, the iOS 15 operating system includes features that many users may not be aware of. These include important features such as Siri working offline.

As it is known, Apple introduces a new version of its mobile operating system iOS every year. 15 versions of iOS, which is the most useful aspect of iPhones, are available to users as of September 20, 2021.

With the new iOS version, Apple has made some long-awaited and revolutionary innovations. Thanks to these features, it is aimed not to disturb the users at odd times and to make the use of the device as smooth as possible.

Android and web-based FaceTime
FaceTime, a video-voice calling application that has only been used by devices in the Apple ecosystem, can now be used both on the web and on Android phones. Apple users will also have the opportunity to meet with different Android users by opening the FaceTime application, creating a link and sending the link to the people who will participate in the call.

Notification summary

Thanks to Notification Digest in iOS 15, Apple stops receiving notifications from irrelevant apps at random hours. Users will be able to see insignificant notifications such as Instagram likes and game notifications at any time, by having the ability to choose certain applications' notifications to come at certain times.

Tab groups

The great interest in Safari's new design has somewhat overshadowed the new features of the application. One of the most important of these features is Tab Groups. Thanks to Tab Groups, users will be able to categorize the tabs open in the Safari application by dividing them into groups. Until iOS 15, many users get lost among the tabs they left open, thanks to this feature, it will be easy to find which site is where.

Offline Siri

With iOS 15, Siri made a revolutionary innovation. In its new mobile operating system, Apple has enabled Siri to work device-based to perform many commands, allowing Siri to work faster by avoiding the need to send residences to Apple servers. Since Siri keeps the data on the device, the commands will be better understood as the device is used. In order for Siri to work device-based, it is necessary to have an iPhone or iPad with at least A12 Bionic processor.

live text

With iOS 15, iPhones and iPads will be able to recognize text in the photo or frame when a photo is opened in the Photos app or when you point the camera at an object to take a photo. When there is text in the image, a small box with three lines will appear and users will have the opportunity to select and copy the text by clicking on this box.

System-wide translation

The translation feature is now available for all texts seen on iOS. Although Turkish is not yet among the supported languages, it is possible to translate into languages ​​such as English, German, French, and Italian.

Trends in health practice

Thanks to the newly added Trends section of the Health application, iOS users will be able to get detailed information about how their health has been progressing for a certain period of time. This includes data such as how much exercise the user does, how their heart rate changes, whether oxygen levels drop or not.

Find deleted and turned off devices

In iOS 15, it is now possible to find disabled or deleted devices using the Find application. Thanks to this feature, it will be easier to find lost devices, and it will be difficult for thieves to hide stolen devices. What makes this feature work, even if the device is turned off or low on battery, can be tracked thanks to data provided by another recently active Apple device.

Ability to drag and drop between applications

In iOS 15, users will be able to move images, links, text and files from one application to another by simply dragging and dropping them. For example, after copying a link in Safari, you can open the messages application by pressing and holding your finger on the screen and send the link to a friend as a message.

Built-in authentication

Thanks to iOS 15, it is possible to create a verification code along with the username and password in the Passwords section of the Settings app. Thanks to this verification code, there will be no need for a second application such as Google Authenticator when performing two-factor authentication.